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Premium Oil Change Service – S&S Service Center


Oil Change Service Experts in Kansas City, MO.

At S&S Service Center of Kansas City, Missouri, our oil change service is specifically designed to give you the driving peace of mind that you deserve. Making sure your engine's oil and filter are clean and working efficiently is probably one of the most important maintenance services you can do for your automobile investment. Most vehicle manufacturers recommend replacing your oil every 3,000 miles or so, but today's products can work effectively for even longer. At S&S Service Center, we know what your engine needs and we ensure you receive the highest quality oil to help keep your car engine in peak condition.

For the best oil change service in Kansas City, Missouri, come to S&S Service Center! Drop by our Kansas City shop, or call us at 816-361-0000.

Oil Service at Regular Intervals is Critical to Your Vehicle's Longevity

Oil changes are particularly important if you put a lot of miles on your car or truck, or if you drive long distances, over long periods of time. The oil in your engine lubricates and protects your engine's internal components. It reduces friction between your engine's moving parts and carries away dirt and metal particles, which keeps the engine clean and free from contaminants.

ASE Blue Seal of Excellence at S&S Service Center

S&S Service Center is proud to display the emblem of the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence. When you see this emblem you can be confident that your vehicle is being taken care of by the best of the best in the auto repair business!

Changing your oil filter each time you have your oil changed is of equal importance. The filter cleans the oil as it passes through, collects dirt and stops it from clogging up the engine. Make sure your engine gets the oil change and filter it requires. Our ASE Certified Technicians at S&S Service Center are experts at oil change services.

Synthetic Oil Provides More Protection

While regular engine oil is perfectly adequate for the job, synthetic products offer many advantages. They are engineered to exceed the capabilities of mineral oil, and the manufacturers standards.

Among the many advantages that synthetic oils offer is the ability to remain stable at high temperatures. Standard motor oil breaks down when it gets very hot, whereas synthetic does not. It also remains fluid at low temperatures, where standard oil thickens. This provides optimum lubrication at a range of temperatures, reducing wear for a cleaner, and more efficient engine.

S&S Service Center knows what your engine needs to continue running safe and reliably. Call us today, 816-361-0000 to make sure your engine stays in peak running condition.

Regular Oil Changes Keep Your Engine Healthy

Think of oil changes as an investment. Regular oil servicing keeps the engine healthy and enables it to provide many miles of trouble-free motoring. S&S Service Center wants to help you take care of your automotive investment.

Engine oil keeps you and your vehicle driving down the road, instead of being left stranded down the highway. There is just no way to stress how important it is to keep your engine oil clean. Schedule an appointment today, or stop by S&S Service Center and get your oil changed today.

Your Dashboard Oil Light is an Early Warning Device

It might be tempting to ignore a warning light on your dashboard but, it is not a good idea to ignore the oil warning light! Taking your vehicle in for an oil service is easy and takes very little time. Next time you're in Kansas City, drop by S&S Service Center to schedule an oil change. Or give us a call. New oil & filter can literally breathe new life into your car or truck.

Responsible Oil Recycling - It's the Environmental "right thing to do!"

The proper disposal of old engine is an ecological responsibility that S&S Service Center takes very seriously. Oil is a necessity for machinery to work well, but it is also very harmful to the environment. All of the old oil we collect is disposed of responsibly.

S&S Service Center works with a city-licensed oil collector who processes industrial waste. We take our responsibility very seriously and this is just one way we help to protect our environment.

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