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S&S Service Center - Hybrid Servicing


Technology has contributed to the success of today's more versatile hybrid-electric vehicles. Gasoline/electric hybrids are not range limited, can get exceptional mileage, and are rated as SULEVs (Super Low Emission Vehicles). Hybrids generally work by using an engine and generator in harmony with one or more energy storage devices such as batteries. Managed by sophisticated computers, today's hybrids may use battery-only power at low speeds, or a combination of battery and engine power for accelerating and hill climbing - the batteries serving as an "electric supercharger." Under cruise conditions, the engine runs a generator as needed to re-charge the batteries and propel the vehicle. When going downhill, coasting or braking, otherwise-wasted vehicle inertia runs the generator for re-charging the batteries, and the engine shuts off, adding to miles-per-gallon.

For now, hybrid-electrics seem the most popular choice. Hybrids are achieving 70 mpg and more. Greater numbers of these gasoline/electric autos, vans, pickups and SUVs will be for sale in the next couple of years.

S&S Service Center’s technical staff has been trained extensively on hybrid technology, service requirements, and safety issues regarding the high voltage battery packs used to save on precious oil reserves. Give us a call today at (816) 361-0000 today to discuss your hybrid service needs.