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S&S Service Center - Brake Service in Kansas City, MO.


Ask the Brake Experts at S&S Service Center.

When you need your vehicle to stop, you want to have confidence that your auto's brakes will do their job. S&S Service Center proudly offers quality, professional, specialized brake repair and service for all major brands of foreign and domestic cars and trucks. We also perform quality, professional repair and maintenance on your hybrid vehicle's brakes as well.

Our ASE Certified Technicians at S&S Service Center are recognized as top professionals, proficient in all fields of the automotive industry, including brake service and repair. When you want to have the confidence that your brakes are working right, come to the experts at S&S Service Center.

Keep Your Cargo Safe - Come to S&S Service Center

When you need to stop you should be confident that your brakes are going to stop your vehicle. Are you feeling vibrations as you depress your brake pedal? You might have disc problems. Does your brake pedal go clear to the floor before stopping your car or do you hear a squealing or squeaking noise when you brake? Give S&S Service Center a call and let the brake experts check your braking system for you.

A Little About Discs

Most people do not realize that even a small deviation in a brake disc might be the cause of vibrations felt when the brake pedal is depressed. Variations such as these are usually caused by warping, or from a disc that has been mounted incorrectly. Sometimes foreign matter can get lodged between the hub and the disc. Brake discs should always be replaced or machined in pairs.

S&S Service Center's ASE Certified Technicians are your brake experts. With continual up-to-date training and top-notch equipment, we have the right tools and skills to do your brake job right the first time. If you think your brakes aren't working like they should, or it has been awhile since you had your brakes inspected, don't take chances with your driving safety. Call S&S Service Center today.

Brake Systems Service

Our Brake Service includes the following services:

Brake Inspections ABS Diagnosis
Pad Replacement
Shoe Replacement
Hydraulic Repairs

You can trust your brake repair to the experts at

S&S Service Center - 816-361-0000